Friday, June 10, 2011

PROJECT CAR: BMW 320i E21 - View this project: Dash cover installation, Rebuild Sub-frame, New Paint, Pre Purchase List, Project Outline & PARTS Information.

Project e21 320i Car


Update: Dash Cover Install
With the cost of a factory replacement dash our 320i project car was a prefect candidate for a dash cover overlay. Since replacing the original dash would require the removal of the windshield, along with transferring all of the vents, heater controls and instruments labor alone may exceed $700.00. (Full Story)

Update: Subframe Rebuild
The rear sub frame assembly has three mounting points. At each end of the subframe assembly is a large square rubber mount that attaches it to the uni-body via a 14mm bolt. The differential mounts to the center of the subframe and has... (Full Story)

Update: Back from Paint
Our goal with this car is to make it like new, both mechanically and cosmetically. To have the car painted correctly the car needs to be de-trimmed as much as possible. This means, "Whatever you don't want painted needs to be removed". (Full Story)

In celebration of our premier issue of the BMP design Classic catalog, we have purchased another project car. The car we selected is a sierra beige 1979 e21 320i 4-speed. The vehicle has approximately 175,000 miles. (Full Story)

Before purchasing a classic BMW, make sure to check out our Pre Purchase Inspection List

For a detailed listings of what we will do to our e21 320i project car, please check out the Project Outline


  The E21 3 series was introduced in 1975. It replaced the 02 series. There were three models available: 316, 318 and 320. All models had a four cylinder engine. The 320 had double headlights and 109 HP. The 316 had 90 HP and the 318 98 HP. At the end of 1975 a 320i came available. This model had mechanical fuel injection. In 1977 the 320 and 320i where replaced by a new 320 with a six cylinder engine. Also new was a 323i six cylinder with 143 HP. In 1977 Baur introduced their new convertible based on the 3 series. In 1979 the 3 series received a small face lift. The chrome mirrors where replaced by black plastic ones and all models received a new dashboard. All six cylinders received a digital clock in the rev counter. In 1980 the 318i replaced the 318. It now had fuel injection and 105 HP. The 316 received the 318 engine wich now had 90 HP. In 1981 the 315 was introduced. This model had no chrome round the windows and only had 75 HP. At the end of 1982 a new E30 3 series was introduced. This new model came available in 1983. This was also the last year for most of the E21 3 series, only the 315 was available until 1984.
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BMW 320i Replacement Parts for Sale

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