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BMW 528i e12 project car at the Queen Mary Cruise ship in Long Beach California

One of BMP design's first project cars is this BMW 528i e12 1979. I still remember the photo session across the channel of the Queen Mary Cruise Ship in Long Beach California. The most difficult part of the photo shoot was waiting for all the roller skaters, pedestrians, and bicyclists to pass so that we could get a clear shot.

The BMW M5 styling kit fits all BMW 5 series e12, e28 body codes from 1975 until 1988. This includes U.S. and European style bodies. The kit was originally designed by Edmund Breyton of Breyton Design in Stockach Germany 78333. As the exclusive importer for Breyton design for over 10 years BMPdesign imported the kits since 1983. The kit was also marketed by AC Schnitzer of Aachen Germany 52078. The original BMW Breyton Design M5 styling kit was constructed of high quality hand laminated polyester fiberglass resin. Over the last 25 plus years we have sold many of these kits to BMW e12 and e28 owners here in the U.S. market. Our own service department installed over 70 sets. It was early 1984 that we discovered the original kit for the 528e, 533i e28 body would also fit the early 530i, 528i e12 body style. Although this required some slight hardware modification the actual fit was perfect. The kit was most popular in the late 80's and early 90's. A high number of the kits were sold to BMW owners who had suffered a collision. When doing the math the upgrade look of the M5 kit was about the same price as the factory body and bumper components. Today we still sell a several kits per month. We currently sell most of the components to individuals that are looking to restore an existing vehicle or needing replacement components.

The original kit (item 65811) from Breyton design included a front bumper spoiler (item 29511), side skirts (item 29691),rear bumper skirt (item 29801), read trunk wing (item 30071), fender arches and side door panels. Although the door panels and fender arches added a sporty wide body look to the vehicle, the additional cost for these parts, along with painting and labor made the overall kit price far too expensive. If you look closely at the vehicle shown you can see the fender trims, and extended door panels.

Although in the early years we had plenty of photos of the kit installed on 528e, 533i, 535i e28 vehicles we did not have any photos of a 530i or 528i e12 body style with the body kit installed. For this reason in the early 80's we purchased a 1979 528i e12 as one of our early project cars. Our goal with the vehicle was to show the BMW enthusiast what could be done with one of BMW's least popular sedans of the time. Although the U.S. 5 series e12 was popular as a family sedan it did not get the same performance spot light as it's counter part in Europe. This was largely due to the limited engine choices and factory upgrades available to the U.S. market.

The BMP design 528i e12 project car for 1987 started life as a 1979 528i automatic. The 1979 model year was 2nd generation face lift for the popular e12 body style. The 1979 model was an engine displacement down size from the 1978 530i 3.0 liter to 2.8 liter and a transmission upgrade from 4 speed to overdrive 5 speed manual transmission. The goal was to install a 3.5 liter 218 H.P. European engine to improved performance. Upgrade suspension components with Bilstein sport shocks with H&R sport lowering springs, and upgraded sway bars. The wheels we installed were a set of Breyton Design 9X17 seven spoke alloys with 215/45/17 tires up front and 225/40/17 in the rear. Body styling was the stylish aerodynamic kit by Breyton. Installation required very little modification. Rear bumper skirt assembly required removing the rear bumper shocks and drilling two holes to allow for bolting the unit to the rear lower body panel. The front bumper spoiler required removing the front bumper shocks from the vehicle. Fabricating a solid bumper mount bracket for each side and bolting the kit securely to the front frame rails. Turn signals and fog lights were factory units from the e28 European version. Removing and filling the front fender corner turn signal units of the U.S. version give the e12 a much more sleek appearance. The final touch is an M3 style rear trunk spoiler, which secured directly to the rear trunk lid with four 6MM bolts.

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BMW Aerodynamics

M5 Styling Kit: Complete Kit
Part Number: 65811    

The M5 Styling Kit is a high quality fiberglass kit consisting of integrated bumper/spoiler components that will give your car the aggressive appearance of the M535i. (more info)
M5 Styling Kit: Front Spoiler / Bumper
Part Number: 29511    

The M5 Styling Kit is a high quality fiberglass kit consisting of integrated bumper/spoiler components that will give your car the aggressive appearance of the M535i. (more info)
M5 Styling Kit: Side Skirts
Part Number: 29691    

The M5 Styling Kit is a high quality fiberglass kit consisting of integrated bumper/spoiler components that will give your car the aggressive appearance of the M535i. (more info)
M5 Styling Kit: Rear Spoiler / Bumper
Part Number: 29801    

The M5 Styling Kit is a high quality fiberglass kit consisting of integrated bumper/spoiler components that will give your car the aggressive appearance of the M535i. (more info)
M5 Styling Kit: Rear Wing
Part Number: 30071    

The M5 Styling Kit is a high quality fiberglass kit consisting of integrated bumper/spoiler components that will give your car the aggressive appearance of the M535i. (more info)
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Help your 325e, 528e BMW e30, e28 run cooler in the summer. Don't watch your temp. guage riding near the red summer after summer.

Help your 1985-1988 BMW 325e E30 or 528e E28 run cooler in the summer time. Doing these few things will help your engine last longer and the A/C work better. First off make sure that the cooling system is in good working order. By this I mean , no coolant leaks, tight water pump belt, no trash or obstructions in front of radiator, Fan blade without missing blades, fan clutch engaging while engine is running.

Coolant: Make sure that the coolant is mixed properly. BMW part number 82 14 1 467 704 is my choice. Pure antifreeze does not cool (transfer heat) as well as water. So this is one situation where more is not better. Although pure water boils at a lower temperature than antifreeze, water actually dissipates heat better. So don't exceed a 50% mix when filling the system. Its best to research the volume of coolant the system in your vehicle holds and mix a true 50/50 mix in a bucket. Then pour the mixture into the cooling system. We recently reduced cooling system temperature in Supercharged BMW e46 M3 by almost 20 degrees by reducing the coolant to water ratio to 40% antifreeze and 60% water. Remember to switch back for cool winter weather.

Faulty radiator cap: The radiator cap BMW item # 17114379047 is the pressure relief valve of the cooling system. At approximately 17.4 P.S.I. the cap is designed to release the stored pressure. This is to avoid damage to some of the cooling system components. However the systems needs to have the 17.4 P.S.I. of pressure to increase the coolant or water boiling point. Without a cap the coolant will boil out of the system as you drive down the road. So, check the radiator cap carefully. Make sure the seals and "O" rings are in good condition. If in doubt replace it, they are cheap. DO NOT install a generic cap purchased at a local parts store. The fit and the pressure rating are critical. I have repaired many cooling system issues by simply replacing the radiator cap.

Auxiliary fan: Make sure the aux. fan operates on both high and low speed. There are 2 electric fan thermal switches located in one of the vertical radiator side tank. The red one is the (99degree) high speed switch BMW part number 61311364273, and the white is the low speed (91degree) BMW part number 61311364272. Each switch has 2 electrical connectors. To test the fans operation, turn on the ignition (don’t start the engine) and simply use a small screw driver and touch the 2 terminal on the white switch together. The low speed of the electric aux. fan should now be running. Do the same with the red switch terminals and see if the high fan speed comes on. Note when switching on A/C the low fan speed should come on at all times. If the fan does not come on either speed check the fuses. If the fan does not come on in the low speed test the fan resistor BMW part number 17 40 1 373 177 located on the outer fan housing in front of the radiator behind the front grill.

Low temperature auxiliary fan switch: There is a simple trick you can do to make the auxiliary fan come on much sooner to help keep temperatures under control. To do this you will need to remove the red switch (99 degree) and discard it. Then move the wires from the red switch over to the terminal of the white 91 degree switch. Purchase a new 82 degree switch from BMP design and install it in the now vacant hole of the 99 degree switch. To install the remaining wires you will need to change the slip on spade connectors to the larger sizes. What you have now created is an auxiliary fan system that engages the low speed at 82 degree, rather than 91 degrees, and the high speed at 91 degrees, rather than at 99 degrees. To purchase the lower temperature auxiliary fan switch order item number 61 31 6 364 271.

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BMW Blue Coolant / Antifreeze
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1 Gallon of BMW/MINI Blue Coolant Antifreeze (more info)
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