Monday, February 28, 2011

BMW Bosch Ignition Coil Problems & Replacement

TECH TIP: BMW Ignition Coil

BMW M3 e46 Direct Fire Bosch Ignition Coil Problems and Replacement Video(2001- to 9/2006)

BMW Part Numbers:
12 13 1 712 219 -Bosch (new coil),

12 13 7 551 260 -old coil number,

12 13 1 712 223 -Bremi number

Vehicles Effected:

  • All BMW 6 cylinder 2001-2006,
  • 3 series: M3 e46 2001-2006,
  • 325i, 330i e46,
  • MZ3 e36/7 2001-2002,
  • X3 e83 2004-2006,
  • X5 all e53,
  • Z4M e85 2005-2008,
  • 525i, 530i e39 2002-2005 

BMW Repair Tips - BMW Cooling System Problems

Plastic water manifold failure: 325i, 328i, M3 (e36), 528i (e39)

The factory BMW water manifold on most 24
valve m50 and s50 six cylinder BMW engines are made of plastic. Unfortunately plastic will not handle the heat, or over torquing of the mounting bolts. We have discovered that even the new plastic manifolds from BMW can be warped by as much as 1/16". Water leaks resulting in
overheating has claimed many of these engines due to the failure of the original plastic component. We have now reproduced th

BMW Repair Tips - BMW Spark Plug Damage & Problems

Replace your spark plugs, before this happens to you!

Here is something that recently occurred in our service department on a vehicle that had been driven very few miles. The vehicle is a 1989 635csi with only 75k miles. Due to the low mileage, tune up service intervals were several years apart. The car ran exceptionally well, which almost made the owner postpone the service awhile longer. However knowing that rubber components like hoses and belts would dry rot over time we felt a full service was well overdue.
When removing the spark plugs, we met resistance on the number 2 plug and the plug broke off in the cylinder head. What had occurred is the threaded portion of the spark plug has not been coated with anti-seize and over a period of time fused the steel portion of the spark plug to the aluminum cylinder head. I have always been a little skeptical of BMW?s long-term service intervals just for this very reason. Having serviced these cars for over 30 years,