Monday, February 28, 2011

BMW Repair Tips - BMW Cooling System Problems

Plastic water manifold failure: 325i, 328i, M3 (e36), 528i (e39)

The factory BMW water manifold on most 24
valve m50 and s50 six cylinder BMW engines are made of plastic. Unfortunately plastic will not handle the heat, or over torquing of the mounting bolts. We have discovered that even the new plastic manifolds from BMW can be warped by as much as 1/16". Water leaks resulting in
overheating has claimed many of these engines due to the failure of the original plastic component. We have now reproduced th

is item in a more stable, low-pressu
re cast alumin
um. If the original unit on you
r vehicle is not leaking at this time we strongly recommend replacing it regardless. Inspecting the original piece may reveal a slight coolant stain. In this case we recommend replacing the unit at once. We recommend also replacing the profile gasket at the same time.

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