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PRODUCT REVIEW: When to change shock absorbers on your 3 series e46. If you hear any knocking noises, Spongy ride, frequent bottoming out, Choppy tire

PRODUCT REVIEW: When to change shock absorbers on your 3 series e46. If you hear any knocking noises, Spongy ride, frequent bottoming out, Choppy tire wear. These are all reasons to take a closer look at your suspension components.

Most car owners will pretty much ignore the shock absorbers on their BMW's unless there is some noise or extreme failure. After all who ever heard of getting stranded on the side of the highway due to poor ride quality. Most of my clients don't understand why their 100,000 mile BMW doesn't ride like it did when it was new, until after we have installed a new set of shock absorbers. That's when they instantly remember the agile responsive handling of a new BMW.
In simple terms a shock absorber is a piston attached to a rod which is encapsulated inside of an oil filled cylinder. The piston has small holes in the body which allows the shock oil to move to opposite sides of the piston. The viscosity of the oil, passing through these small holes in the piston is what creates the dampening effect of the shock. Over a period of time the cylinders, seals, and oil breaking down reduces the ability for the shock to dampen the effect of road imperfection. This is why a worn shock will allow a vehicle to dip deeper into road dips, and continue bouncing once the vehicle exits the pot hole. This uncontrolled rapid oscillation is the result of worn shocks.
At 50,000 miles shock absorbers begin showing signs of wear. After 80,000 miles most O.E. shock absorber are in need of replacement.
When selecting replacement shocks always go with a brand that is an O.E. supplier to your brand of vehicle. For BMW or Mini my recommended choices are Bilstein, Sachs/Boge, or Koni.

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Part Number: 301305
Manufacturer Number: 22-103093

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Bilstein Touring (Front Left)
Not Eligible for Free Shipping
If performance is your requirement, then Bilstein is your shock absorber. Bilstein supplies more European racing teams than any other manufacturer. The high quality construction enables Bilstein to dampen even the slightest suspension movement. Under severe road conditions the high pressure nitrogen gas chamber prevents foaming of the oil. This foaming action is why conventional oil filled shocks fail under these high stress conditions. For lowered vehicles requiring less shock travel, Bilstein offers the sport shock. Bilstein sport shocks are built approximately 1" shorter to compliment the shorter spring heights. The Bilstein limited lifetime warranty is to the original purchaser only. covers defects in material and workmanship only. Copy of purchase invoice is required. Sold Individually.

A $15.00 surcharge will apply to all single Bilstein items sold, if two of more Bilstein items are purchased the surcharge will not apply.

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