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Tech Tip: BMW Fault Code Reader & Service Reset Tool (16 Pin)

How to Use A Fault Code Reader

Part Number: 161390 

Vehicles Affected:    

2000-2006 BMW  E36/7, E38, E39
2000-2006 BMW E46
2000-2006 BMW E52, E53 
2000-2006 BMW E60, E61 
2000-2006 BMW E83, E85, E86

bmw falt code reader Each year, performing your own service work on a late model BMW becomes more and more challenging. This is due, largely, to successively increasing difficulty for individuals to obtain access to the service reset and fault code information from the manufacturer. Only a few years ago all that was required after a basic service was to reset the service indicator light. This operation was fairly quick - you performed the required service based upon information from a list, and then simply reset the light. On the new generation vehicles, the process is identical. These vehicles, however, will now store and allow retrieval of the actual fault codes that have been triggered and held in memory.

The codes help diagnose a component failure that has either occurred at some point in the past, or is currently a problem. In either situation, the tool also allows resetting of the code warning light ("service engine light"). Knowing this information also allows you to better understand your vehicle's service problems before going to the dealer for repairs. And with the power of the internet, you may be able to locate a person that had your same, exact fault code, which may give you the insight to repair the vehicle yourself. Using the tool is simple: The following steps were involved when we did the project on our 2003 BMW  E46 328i.

  1. Under the dash on the driver's side, we located the Diagnostic connector. The connector has a cover embossed with the letters "OBD".
  2. Remove the cover allowing access to the 6-pin connector.
  3. Turning the key to the "ON" position (not running).
  4. We then plugged our BMP fault code reader into the port.
  5. When the tool's display reads "FC" you are ready to activate the "MENU" functions listed in the instruction booklet. The 4 functions consisted of:
    • Read Fault codes
    • RESET "Check engine" or "Service engine soon"
    • RESET "Oil service"
    • RESET "Inspection"
Naturally, if you are performing a service and there are no fault codes, you would simply reset the service indicator for the service performed and the job is complete. Note: For specific information about what to Change, and Check on your service, consult the "Service and Warranty Information" booklet in your vehicle's glove box.

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