Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BMW E39 525i/528i Performance Air Intake Kit

BMP Design has developed a new High Flow Air Filter Kit for the popular BMW E39 525i and 528i.  This system is a reasonably priced modification that provides a remarkable increase in airflow and efficiency over the stock air box (13711713637) and paper filter element (13721730946).  This increase primarily comes from a super high flow K&N air filter and provides a crisper throttle response and better top end performance. 

In just a few minutes, this proven design safely secures to the vehicle, without any cutting or damage to the stock vehicle components.  By only removing 3 easy to access bolts, you can quickly uninstall your original factory intake and safely secure the BMP High Flow Air Filter Kit.  Our intake system is also designed to utilize the factory intake duct for better efficiency, making this a system truly designed specifically for your vehicle.

A performance air filter is a quick and easy addition to your vehicle that allows your engine to breathe with less restriction.  Since the engine doesn't have to work as hard to take in air through a complex filtration and tubing system, you gain the advantage of more torque, horsepower, and better efficiency.  K&N is a trusted and proven brand of high flow air filters that has been in business for over 40 years due to their filters engineered for the perfect balance of high level filtration with incredibly low restriction.

This item is currently available through our website as well as our winter catalog.  Our 2003 BMW 525i test car has exhibited a noticeable increase in pep and acceleration from this less restrictive intake system.  Whether a heavily modified track car or a daily driver, this BMP High Flow Air Filter Kit will provide a noticeable improvement over the stock air system (13-71-1-713-637, 13-72-1-730-946).  Along with a K&N Filter Service Kit, the BMP High Flow Air Filter Kit should be the last engine air filter you will ever need to buy for your car. 

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