Monday, October 22, 2012

New Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System at Al Hafner Tuning

Al Hafner Tuning is proud to announce the installation of the new Hunter Hawkeye Alignment system.

This state of the art system uses laser technology to quickly and accurately check your vehicles current wheel alignment. The Hawkeye Alignment system does not require any modification to the vehicle to properly check the alignment across the axle.  With high resolution cameras and accurate reflector plates, to properly check an alignment now only takes three minutes. Factory specifications and steering calibration requirements are all scanned and adjusted electronically. If your vehicle suspension is modified from its original factory spec, however, Al Hafner Tunings new system software can accurately adjust the alignment specifications based on your vehicles ride height.

Since Al Hafner Tuning specializes in high-quality European vehicles, this new alignment system is also equipped with a state of the art recessed scissor lift. This system allows low or lowered cars to easily drive onto the lift without worry about scraping or modifying the vehicle. With the latest in slip plate technology, the Hunter Fully Integrated Alignment Lift allows the technician to accurately simulate the cars natural stance and wheel position. With this new system, Al Hafner Tuning can precisely and safely align your vehicle in about an hour and a half.

A proper alignment is important, whether it’s a daily driver or a high performance sports car. Alignment is a very important factor in how your tires wear as well as your fuel consumption. An accurate alignment not only affects tire and fuel wear, but is also a factor in the handling of your vehicle when accelerating, braking, and especially cornering. Al Hafner Tuning is known for their quality workmanship and service on BMW and Mini Cooper for over 30 years with the best hands in East Texas for any performance vehicle.

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