Thursday, May 16, 2013

H&R Sport Sway Bars

BMP Design carries all H&R Sport Sway Bars available for any BMW or MINI Cooper vehicle. Some may need to be built to order, but they are completely worth the wait.  Everyday we have customers commenting on the dramatic difference in handling and performance these sway bars make, from spirited daily driving routes to aggressive track days.  Check out our selection for your vehicle, and if you don't find a set of sway bars for your vehicle or have any questions, please give us a call or send us an email.

H&R Sport Sway Bars are established as one of the best performing and best value sway bars for any sport application. Using the same proven technology that has made their springs some of the best steel in the world, each sway bar is cold-formed and heat-treated with forged seamless bar ends. Crafted from a special steel alloy with the highest tensile strength available, H&R Sport Sway Bars guarantee a smooth transitional sway bar function that decreases feedback response time and increases overall stiffness over stock to reduce body roll. All H&R Sport Sway Bars are manufactured 100% in Germany for the highest commitment in quality and control.

H&R Sport Sway Bars are designed for drivers who desire improved handling without lowering or negatively affecting ride quality.  These BMW Sport Sway Bars increase suspension roll stiffness, which is a way of saying your car body will twist less in turns, without affecting ride comfort. H&R Sport Sway Bar kits include exclusive sway bar bushings that feature a special urethan/Teflon compoite that prevents squeaks and eliminates the need for lubrication for a perfect fit with no future maintenance required.

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