Friday, December 23, 2011

SOLD : Steel Blue Metallic 2000 BMW 323i E46- read more...

SOLD: Steel Blue Metallic 2000 BMW 323i E46 For Sale

This vehicle is a 2000 BMW 323i e46 convertible with an automatic transmission, and a steel blue metallic finish. This is a clean car with a few light paint scratches. The convertible top functions well, and does not seem to have any tears, wear marks or leaks. Mileage on the vehicle is 108825. The following scheduled maintenance and service projects have been performed within the last 24 months. The vehicle drives well, has light leather wear on the drivers seat. The previous owner had taken well care of the vehicle. The previous owner had over heated the engine, as the result of a coolant leak. We have just replaced the engine in our shop.
Engine replacement. Included, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, filter housing gasket, oil pan gasket @ 108825 Radiator, coolant tank and misc. hoses, Drivers side door stop. Engine tune up, spark plugs, V/C gasket, power steering hoses, engine mount, with engine replacement. @ 108825 Seat occupancy sensor @ 103332 miles Widow regulator & blower motor @ 103347 miles Front control arms with ball joint, thrust arm bushings, alignment @ 103141 miles L & R Tie rods, 4 tires 225/45/17 @ 877814
Asking price for this vehicle is $10500.00 Ad ID: 15785658


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